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éS footwear began in 1995, it was in this year that Sal Barbier created the first pro model skate shoe, which he named the Sal 23. In that same year he also created the first-ever mid-top shoe with a neoprene sock line which he named the SLB, the first ever skate shoe with an ollie pad made from Kevlar which was named the Accel, the first ever skate shoe with an integrated air system which was named the Aura and the first skate shoe with hidden lace loops made from leather which he named the Contour.

During 1995 he also created two other skate shoe styles called the Uno and the Aventi. Over the course of a decade, several other people joined the éS team, each new person bringing something new to the company which in turn has created an amazing skate footwear brand.

ES Skate Shoes

The éS range now contains a huge range of footwear (specifically designed for use while skating and to enhance various aspects of skating performance) and a complete clothing line containing; accessories (including belts, jewellery, key rings, socks and wallets), bags, hats, hoodies, jackets, knitted and woven products, pants, shorts and t shirts. To date, there is no women’s range under the éS brand name.

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