Skate Clothing & Footwear

From the mid 1980s skateboarding became huge and it started developing its own identity and fashion. Boards were being built with custom graphics and it wasn’t long before these graphics were put onto t-shirts.

Skateboarding fashion became baggier, with oversized denim jeans (due to increased protection from bails) and extra large T-shirts becoming more and more prevalent. Many skateboarders were dressing more according to comfort than trend.

Brands started developing skate shoes that had a flat sole made of rubber or polyurethane, a suede or leather composition, and double or triple stitching. These skate shoes were designed for durability and protection, and were an immediate success, resulting in the brands being able to create stylish clothing collections.

Top skate brands include Adio, DC Shoes, Element, Etnies, Globe, Iron Fist, Macbeth, Volcom, and WESC.

Recommended Shops:

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Route One offers a huge range of skate footwear from all the top brands.

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