Monsterdam Alternative Lingerie

Monsterdam Alternative Lingerie

Monsterdam is a stunning new brand offering sexy alternative lingerie with awesome prints including sugar skulls, bats, sparrows and lots of attitude! Choose from a range of Panties and G-Strings.

Monsterdam I Wanna Rock Panties

These I Wanna Rock Panties are cool briefs that have small bands for you to clip suspenders in for a super sexy rock & roll chick look! Made of high quality fabric, these soft knickers will have you feeling comfy while rockin’ hard!

Monsterdam Sparrow Panties

These Sparrow Panties are cute with plenty of attitude! These pink briefs have a tattoo inspired print with sweet swallows and large diamonds. They’re made of high quality material so guaranteed to make you feel good while looking sexy!

Monsterdam 3 Calaveras Panties

Finally, these 3 Calaveras Panties have an all over purple pattern of the Monsterdam logo along with Day of the Dead candy skulls. They’re made of high quality super-comfy material to keep you feeling good as well as looking hot, hot, hot!

Shop women’s alternative lingerie by Monsterdam now.

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