Forplay Cardigans

Forplay is an alternative fashion brand inspired by all things Rock and Gothic. As the nights become dark and cold be sure to wrap up well in one of these must-have cardigans for women.

Forplay Lace Cardigan

This Forplay Lace Cardigan is no ordinary cardigan. The fashion designers at Forplay have dreamt up a beautiful, sophisticated design. The entire garment is decorated with black lace from the hem to the loose hood of this black lace cardigan.

Forplay Material Mix Cardigan

This Forplay Material Mix Cardigan features a ruffle front and textures sleeves giving it a stylish look.

Forplay Overlay Hood Cardigan

Finally this Forplay Overlay Hood Cardigan is available in Plus Sizes and can be worn open, and has a somewhat long cut. It offers a big hood, which is a striking and stylish addition, whether or not you’re wearing it. That makes for a fashionable design, which always looks good.

Shop the full range of cardigans by Forplay now.

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