Bleeding Heart Ultra Skinny Jeans

Combining style, comfort and a unique edge, these Bleeding Heart Ultra Skinny Jeans are available in a range of styles and bold colours. Easy to clean, these jeans will be in brilliant condition no matter how many times you wear or wash them. Their cotton and spandex blend provides a stretch fit that supplies unbeatable comfort you can be certain will keep you relaxed and looking great!

Bleeding Heart Ultra Skinny Skull Jeans

These Ultra Skinny Skull Jeans are covered with suspiciously cheery skulls to add a little alternative style to your outfit as they are perfect for wearing with any casual outfit, but equally good for a night out as well.

Bleeding Heart Ultra Skinny Stripes Jeans

These Ultra Skinny Stripes Jeans are the skinny soul mate for you. Their popping pink colour teamed with black stripes are perfect for making your legs look slimmer and drawing attention to just the right parts.

Bleeding Heart Ultra Skinny Stars Jeans

Finally, these Ultra Skinny Stars Jeans come with a unique design and unmissable UV effects ensuring you are never overlooked! The cool orange shade blends with every look, so if you really want these skinnies but are afraid they won’t match your style, then we are here to tell you that you’re worrying too much.

Be sure to check out the full range of women’s skinny jeans by Bleeding Heart now.

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