Twisted Sugar Jewelery

Twisted Sugar Jewelery are little pieces of unique and alternative beauty. The back story attached to these pocket pieces of joy really give it that extra factor when looking for a gift or individual necklace or pair of earrings to wear. Handmade and designed.

‘Each piece of Jewelery starts off as a sweet sugar lump.
With a drop of Princess Fairy Dew’s magical Elixir plopped onto the sugar lump,
It transforms into a wonderful piece of jewelery as sweet as sugar itself…’

The concepts of each piece involves so many diverse characters in our history as well as costume and entertainment inspired images.

For instance The necklace ‘Wilde absinthe’ holds an image of literature great Oscar Wilde, but also attached is a small green bottle with Absinthe label and Absinthe fairy charm portraying his controversial existence and his bohemian poetic lifestyle.

A similar concept is portrayed in necklace ‘let them eat cake’ based on historical icon Marie Antoinette. Then it ranges to creations based on Frankenstein’s Bride and The Munsters. Adding a kitsch and vintage theming to every original and creatively thoughtful item.

The prices ranges from a little as £2.99 for a set of earrings and peaks at a very reasonable £15.99 for the more intricate necklaces.
Extremely reasonable for handmade items as well as some necklaces that contain real swarovski crystal beads or droplet pendants.

Many members of general society believe that to be alternative it has to be gothic, but the range of jewellery twisted sugar provides, shows that this is not the case and the fantasy inspired collection really has a versatility for both a wide range of alternative fashions such as Punk ,Goth, Emo, Skater, Lolita’s to high street fashionistas.

A real cluster of treasures for any fairy or human to explore.

Please visit Twisted Sugar Jewelery to see more products and read the full story of Princess Fairy Dew.

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