Hell Bunny Behind The Brand

Hell Bunny provides clothing for women who live alternative, punk lifestyles and who want a sexy and unconventional twist to their look. Hell Bunny provides clothing for “those who look for a unique edge in their image”. Retro and unusual fashion is growing in popularity, and Hell Bunny is catering to that market, evolving to the ever changing demands of the customers while still staying true to the roots of the brand.

Hell Bunny clothing is available for purchase all over the United Kingdom and across Europe. The brand produces a large range of clothing including corsets, skirts, dresses, jackets, hoodies, shirts, jeans, bags, scarves and gloves. The colours used mainly in Hell Bunny clothing are black, red, blue, green, purple and pink. The fabrics used vary from hardwearing cotton materials to satin and even tartan.

A common design feature in many of the items featured in the rage is a lace up design, which is found as a functional feature on the back of corset and as a decorative feature on the back of skirts, another feature commonly seen on the clothing items are printed designs; from zips in contrasting colours to random patterns and even cute images of bats.

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  1. Loving the Hell Bunny spring collection. The dresses are still great value for money and superb quality, nice to see they are not scrimping on quality now they are branching out further afield from the UK. Think the Motley is my personal fave, like the longer version though.