Element Behind The Brand

Element Skateboards, also known as just Element and originally named “Underworld Element Skateboards” is a surf and skate wear brand which, as the name suggests, also produces skateboards and it is a branch of the Billabong brand and is based in Irvine, California. It was founded by skater Johnny Schilleriff in 1992.

The company portrays itself as eco-friendly and is active in various causes in the community, and helps to raise awareness with its “Power to the planet” endeavour. The company sponsors various famous skaters such as Bam Margera and was hailed by the New York Daily News as the “world’s leading skateboard company”.

The brand contains skateboards, a full clothing range for both men and women, including denim/pants, shorts, knits, sweaters, woven items, hoodies, jackets, t-shirts, hats, beanies, dresses, tank tops, socks and scarves. They also sell shoes, various collections (such as limited edition skateboard decks), and backpacks, bags, belts, wallets and other various accessories.

The Mission of Element Skateboards is to simply “to be the best that we could be in the most honest and ethical way possible”, which is a sight rarely seen in the retail world in the present day too many companies care only for profits and not about changing the world we live in through various artistic outlets.

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