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In 1917 the Converse Rubber Shoe Company began making their now world famous Converse All-Star basketball shoe. In 1921 the basketball player Charles H. Taylor was given a job promoting the shoes as a salesman and ambassador (after walking into Converse complaining of having sore feet). After he joined the company, the brand really took off and in 1923 Mr. Taylor’s signature was added to the logo on the shoes and the Chuck Taylor All-Star Converse, that millions worldwide know and love, was born.

Until 1947, the only colour available was black, however, now Converse is available in any colour of the spectrum and more shades than you can imagine. Over the years, Converse has brought out various limited edition shoe designs, such as Kurt Cobain and their Sailor Jerry range. Recently there have been 3 new designs created for the converse range, inspired by The Who.

Converse has played a part in popular culture for many years, worn by various musicians for both comfort and as a fashion statement while performing on stage. Their most notable appearance recently, is in the popular sci-fi television series, Doctor Who, where David Tennant (The Doctor) is frequently seen wearing a pair of Chucks, the colours of which vary between episodes.

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Kate blogs: When I was eight years old, my mum bought me my very first pair of Converse trainers. They were bright red All-Stars and I wore them until they wore out. From that moment on, I’ve loved this style of trainer!

Why are Converse so good?

Firstly the style of them has never gone out of fashion. Even though the trainer has been on the go since the middle of the twentieth century, they look as good today as ever.

Secondly, you can wear them anywhere. Okay – you can’t run a marathon in them, but whether you are out shopping, in a club or hanging out with friends, they never look out of place.

Thirdly, the price is right – you can expect to pay sixty pounds or more for a pair of trainers from most shoe companies, but you can get a good pair of Converse for half that price.

Finally, there are so many styles, you can have lots of pairs to suit your mood. From bright colours to funky prints, heck, if you live in America you can even design your own pair on the Converse website!

All in all, Converse do some pretty darn good shoes. Check them out now, you’ll thank me for it!

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