Other Clothing Welcomes Mizz Twisted Cherry

We are really pleased to announce that Mizz Twisted Cherry (aka Natalie Morgan) has agreed to become a writer for Other Clothing:

Mizz Twisted Cherry is a costume designer From Herefordshire. Her love for the bizarre and avante garde co-insides with her career as she is always looking for clothing that is visually dramatic not only on a production but in every day life.

She has worked in Theatre and Film for three years to date, after graduating from a theatre design degree and has had some interesting experiences. Working with star actors such as Peter O’toole and Michael Madsen, she has been able to use her twisted imagination on many productions across the UK.

Mizz Twisted Cherry feels she bring her life experience and personality to her design, she is a huge fan (obsessed) with the rocky horror show and has been from the age of three years old and feels this has given her inspiration through her work and in her inner self.

Her pagan beliefs have also have given her an open minded look at the world and the way people present themselves through their appearance.

‘I love shoes and corsets! Irregular Choice and TUK are her favourite brands for some amazing heels!’

Visit the Mizz Twisted Cherry to see her amazing designs.

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