Alternative Fashion Shopping

If you are visiting London then Camden Town is the place to go for alternative clothing. There are lots of alternative shops and stalls to visit.

Dragstrip is in the Stables Market. The shop sells rock and punk oriented items. This includes bowling shirts, trousers (pinstripe, tartan, PVC and denim), velvet corsets and PVC outfits.

Fairygothmother sell corsets, gowns, huge Cinderella skirts and velvet skirts.

After Dark sells almost anything you require as long as it is black, of course. There are some top brands and a large range of colourful accessories, including fashion tights and stockings, hairpieces, lingerie and make-up.

Darkside, is on the Camden High Street, and is famous for being the original gothic store.  The shop sells gothic, cyber and industrial clothing.

Across the road is Glitters, which sells tutus, chain mail, bondage trousers, plaid, PVC, band T-shirts.

Elizium, is a stall in both the Camden Market and the Stables Market. The shop sells corsets, big skirts and various styles of blouses.

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