Indica Band Profile

Indica are an all girl pop/rock band from Finland. The group was formed in 2001 and the band have been taking the world by storm ever since. Indica write songs that are guaranteed to leave you mystified and spell bound by their talent. Their individual style also helps them to have such a wide spread mass appeal to the alternative scene.

The five beautiful ladies that form this stunning group include Jonsu Salomma, the front woman for the band who not only sings, but also plays guitar, violin, keyboard and theremin, Heini Säisä on bass and vocals, Sirkku Karvonen performing on Keyboard and vocals, Jenny Julia on guitar and vocals and last but not least Laura Häkkänen on drums.

With a collaborative favourite bands list including Amy McDonald, Muse, Apocalyptica and Metallica, the band has their own individual quirks as well as working well as a group.

Following their diverse taste in bands the girls also have a differentiated view when it comes to favourite films. Spanning from one of Jonsu’s favourites, The Wizard of Oz, to Heini’s love of Tim Burton movies, the girls have all the genres covered.

Indica’s history began when the group formed in 2001. They then signed their first contract with Sony music in 2003 and their first album, Ikuinen Virta in 2004 has gone platinum in Finland since its release.

Indica joined Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish on their Scandinavian tour in 2007 and performed their hit tracks in English. Following this Nightwish Keyboardist Tuomus Holopainen helped the band produce their fourth and sixth albums. It was not only Nightwish that wanted to help this band out but also legendary composer Pip Williams, known for his help on producing albums for The Moody Blues and Status Quo.

Lead singer Jonsu has been writing ever since she was little, she began with two bar harmonies and has worked her way up to being the charismatic singer/songwriter we see today. To Jonsu, her biggest inspiration is drawn from the movies and nature.

Having created five previous albums, Indica released A Way Away in 2010 with all of their songs sung in English. French photographer Denis Goria has helped the band with their ‘Straight and Arrow’, which is available on Youtube.

In my opinion, this band has gone from strength to strength and the sky is the limit for these girls.

Their best Album: A way away.
Best track from that album: In Passing and Lilja’s Lament.

For more information visit the Indica website.

Written by Darkened Crucifix.

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