Restyle Gothic Jewellery

Restyle Gothic Jewellery offers a range of highly detailed, macabre pieces inspired by Romantic and Traditional Gothic stories and ideas. We caught up with Kates Clothing to ask them a bit more about the brand and what the must-have pieces are.

Restyle Brass Mechanical Moth Steampunk Slide

Is Restyle a Gothic brand for all subcultures?

For the most part Restyle is very Gothic and not just gothic but old school, traditional gothic! They take inspiration from all the classic gothic influences such as Edgar Allen Poe, Classic Vampire mythology, Gothic Architecture, Spiders, Fairy Tales and more! They have ranges that appeal more to the Steampunk persuasion too but everything is ultimately Gothic!

Their latest piece are showing no sign of deviating from this either with the new collection including absinthe bottles, more gothic book lockets, Victorian bird cages and carriages and Keys to Wonderland!

Restyle Gothic Key To Wonderland Earrings

Why did you decide to stock Restyle jewellery?

Restyle is a must have brand at the moment. Traditional and classical Gothic is still enjoying a comeback and Restyle offer some excellent and very affordable accessories and bags that will help complete anyone traditional goth look with a bit of modern flare!

The pieces are all winners with Restyle, they seem to have a great original take on gothic style and the manage to keep pieces fresh and detailed and at prices that everyone can afford!

Restyle Gothic Key To Wonderland Hair Slide

Which are your favourite pieces?

For me personally the Rebel Mermaid top is top of my list, so cute and unique… but also I love the Eliza Gloves, there are super versatile and we use them all the time in photoshoots here at KC to perfectly complete any gothic outfit with a vintage feel! Another favourite piece of ours here, from the new collection, is the Alice in wonderland inspired Key to Wonderland collection which comes as a hair slide, earrings, and a necklace! Love love love it!

Finally I guess all goths would need one of the absinthe or blood bottle necklaces, total subtle must have piece!

Be sure to check out the full range of Gothic jewellery by Restyle at Kates Clothing now.

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