Playful Promises

A promise of playful vintage-inspired lingerie? An alternative treat to the mass produced market that is ladies underwear in 2013.

Everyone likes a bargain no matter what fashion genre you dedicate your look to. Knickers and Bra’s for as little as £1.50 from some of the mass Bargain High street stores. That is a price tag that cannot help but be attractive in our current economic climate!
In our day to day lives, little is focussed on what we wear underneath our fashionable apparel.

We think of lingerie more for bedroom fun and burlesque costuming. But what if you could find affordable, comfortable lingerie that continued your inner alternative; under the shell of your pin up pencil skirt and corset, or your gothic cloak and new rocks?

I caught up with Anna from Playful Promises to discuss with her the true delight and empowerment that is created by wearing beautiful works of art that no one else knows you are wearing……….

Hi Anna thank you for talking to me about playful promises lingerie. Could you tell me more about this amazing company and its products?

Where did the Playful Promises originate from?

Playful Promises was first fashioned by Emma Parker in 2004 after a 10 year obsession with lingerie. Emma’s obsession was formed after buying her first pair of ‘grown-up’ knickers. The realization dawned that she could conquer the whole world in pants like those! Soon her drawers were overflowing with lacy, frilly, fabulous pieces, fuelling Emma’s addiction to lingerie and the lust that drove her to design her own.

Why did Emma choose to call her company playful promises?

She decided on the name because she wanted something flirty and evocative of the dream dress-up boudoir.

What products do you sell?

Playful Promises collections not only consist of corsets, bras and panties but also quirky gifts and eye-catching swimwear. We have also recently launched our own clothing brand, Whistle & Wolf.

Who are you customer focus?

We are here for sassy, stylish ladies, who love to shout ‘I did it my way’ along to Sinatra, followed by the Sex Pistols. The Playful Promise girl is crammed with confidence, will never take herself too seriously and lives life to the full. Our customers tend to be within the 18-35 range, as we sell everything from simple lacy soft cup bras to overbust corsets designed to give an hourglass shape.

What fashion genre do you think best describes playful promises?

Our lingerie is retro-inspired with modern elements such as digital prints or updated shapes, which appeals to both pin-up enthusiasts and trend-aware fashionistas!

What is your price range?

Our price range is affordable without compromising on quality. Bras cost from £15-£45 and briefs from £10-£30, while our corsets cost roughly £75.

What fashion category would you say your underwear falls into?

Our lingerie is not luxury, couture or budget. As a small independent brand we sit in a little niche, surrounded by other independent brands, each with their own style. While we are not aimed at the luxury or couture market (our prices would have to be at least double), we are also not budget (which I would regard as department-store mass manufactured lingerie). Our customers appreciate the hard work that goes into creating our lingerie, and understand that supporting small businesses is important.

How personal is the service?

We have 7 ladies working in the office, only 3 working directly on Playful Promises, and the rest on manufacturing our garments. One person (Anna) deals with all customer enquiries, packing up orders, our social media and takes all our images, so our customers are receiving a very personal service!

Are you just Online? Or do you have any boutiques or outlets in the UK?

Apart from our online website, we also have a shop in Boxpark, Shoreditch, East London and we are also stocked worldwide!

Thank you so much for you time Anna!

After researching the products on the website and speaking with Anna. I feel this company have got the balance perfectly.

Their service is approachable and personal, so you feel the products you are purchasing are just a special as they aesthetically look.
But also have a reasonable price tag.

Which means not only can you be alternatively fashioned for the viewing pleasure of yourself, the public and company you keep but also preserve a little bit of that alt fashion magic just for you!

Written by Mizz Twisted Cherry

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  1. Natasha Jane says:

    Great review an article,I may have to pop down tithe boutique to have a look x