Necessary Evil AW13 Sneak Preview

Necessary Evil Clothing is an alternative fashion brand for people who don’t like to look like everyone else. They will be releasing their new Autumn/Winter 13 collection later this month, so we caught up with Kates Clothing for a sneak preview.

What can we expect to see in the new collection?

The new collection is bigger and bolder than the last, Kate (the founder and designer) has worked hard to breath new life into the brand creating some very striking, stand out, pieces while also maintaining Necessary Evil’s ‘wear-ability’ factor with some comfortable and causal gothic day-wear items.

This collection also sees the much anticipated return of Necessary Evil’s Mens wear range with some extremely stylish key pieces. The Mephisto outfit (Trousers, Shirt and a Jacket all sold desperately) is a sophisticated, military inspired gothic suit that organically leads on from the success of the Military Steampunk Chronus outfit from the prior collection.

The ladies collection features some exciting new winter coats which are always a big hit from N.E as well as new additions to the ever popular retro and vintage lines!

Is there any suprises?

Something we are very excited to see as part of the new A/W collection are the two new Woolen coats. Both the Mens and the Ladies coat are military in style making them classic and smart while still being perfectly alternative….

However this is not the surprise, the surprise is that these pieces are 35% Wool so actually very warm and heavy duty against the cold! It is rare that you can find an alternative coat that is actually warm enough for winter!

Also there are some great pieces available now for Halloween, Necessary Evil have made a dress with what they call a ‘Witchy Hem’ it is perfect for a Halloween witch costume but then still an awesome gothic dress that you can wear the rest of the year… that was some clever thinking on their part and a pleasant surprise for the rest of us!

Can you give our fans a sneak peek of a couple of the pieces?

Totally, what good would I be if I couldn’t! To be honest I want to show it all to you because there are some many great pieces… but here are a few of my favorites:

Necessary Evil Mephisto Jacket and Trousers

The Mephisto Jacket, seen here with the Mephisto Trousers

Necessary Evil Lalita Drapped Jacket

The Lalita Drapped Jacket

Necessary Evil Nefetari Lace and Twill Dress

The Nefetari Lace and Twill Dress

Necessary Evil Zaria Zip Teeth Jacket

The Zaria Zip Teeth Jacket

Necessary Evil Ceres Military Coat

The Ceres Military Coat (35% Wool)

A small capsule of pieces from this new collection is already available at KC!

Necessary Evil Shala Top

These pieces include The New Hypnos Hoody, The New Shala Top, and as mentioned above the New Lilth Witch Hem Dress, seen here with the New Cleone Lace Bolero.

Necessary Evil Lilth Witch Hem Dress

Be sure to check out Kates Clothing for all the latest Necessary Evil arrivals!

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