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MeSo Makeup The Zombie Girl Collection

In today’s culture makeup is another way for us to express our inner most alternative thoughts. It can enhance, inspire and project what we want society to perceive from the extensions of our personalities.

Like the textiles we wear it can be a work of art or a controlled enhancement on what we want the rest of the world to focus on within our personal image and the concepts we are trying to create with our style.

Looking on the internet I have noticed over the year’s specialist makeup for alternative fashinistas is not quite as present as clothing and accessories. You can usually find some basic eye shadows and lipsticks tailed onto an alternative website selling clothing amidst the accessories and hair dye. However, makeup is just as much of a key factor to generate the impact we want from our style and create our personal identities.

I then discovered the MeSo makeup website, created to assist and provide a service to our niche personas. A bountiful array of brands and products that will have you spoilt for choice with quality products at a reasonable price tag.

I was lucky enough to contact the centre of the hub that is MeSo makeup, Suzanne Condon and interview her on her business and the products she provides.

Hi Suzy, really great to catch up with you.

When did you set up MeSo makeup and why?

I launched my web shop in August 2012. Having worked as a makeup artist in the film and theatre industry for several years it became clear where my passion really lay. I was obsessive with discovering new makeup products and their ability to transform. I believe the actors ‘became’ their character in that makeup chair. I also believe that we as the general public are no different. I personally will not leave the house without mascara on. I become me; I’m ready to face the world.

As most of my work, home and social conversations revolved around makeup one topic kept cropping up. Makeup is self-expression, its fashion, it’s part of who we are as individuals and a collective. My friends and I spend hours trawling clothing websites but didn’t have the same relationship with makeup site.

I got together with some fellow makeup artists and discussed what our dream makeup site would be. We wanted to create a makeup hub where the products were affordable, independent brand, fashion forward and never tested on animals.

Could you please tell us a little about some of your products and their place in the alternative fashion genre?

Our glitter products are always strong sellers. Glitter has had a bad reputation over the years as being a childish product but it’s not the case. We’ve seen co-ordinated glitters become increasingly popular in alternative and creative makeups. Cosmetic glitter has become a real makeup-lover’s product. We found Medusa’s Makeup and fell for the vast glitter shade range and the versatility of the product. Medusa’s Makeup has also developed a sensitive adhesive that can even be used on the eyelids. This is called The Fix so that the glitter stays where you apply it! We can’t sing its praises highly enough.

We’re now using our glitters solo with The Fix and also layered over eye shadows.

MeSo Makeup Medusas Makeup

We are really excited about adding Concrete Minerals to our MeSo Makeup family.

The Pro Matte Eye shadow pigments are some of the strongest we’ve seen and the finely milled powders apply beautifully. We are amongst a very select few UK traders of Concrete Minerals which we are really proud of. It’s discovering and distributing products like Pro Matte Eye shadow that make our job and so special. The creative possibilities with Pro Mattes are endless and we currently love the combination of Pro Matte’s and cosmetic glitter. With Halloween looming we’re all upping the drama with our makeups.

MeSo Makeup Concrete Eye Shadow

How do you feel MeSo cater for the alternative and vintage styles of fashion?

The alternative and vintage markets are definitely something we wish to cater for and inspire more and more. For a while now we’ve stocked some beautifully constructed false eyelashes by The Vintage Cosmetic Company. The detail in the design of these lashes is really incredible. Each shape is based on a different era. Those who wear falsies will testify that their ability to change the shape of your eyes and in turn the landscape of a makeup look is vast.

Our makeup is definitely for creative, versatile and expressive individuals and we specifically pick products and brands that shall inspire these fashinistas as well as keeping our products animal cruelty free.

Thank you Suzy

After researching MeSo and spending time on their website. I am so pleased that there is finally a place that alternative makeup wearers can find products and advice all in one place. I have just purchased the sugar skull gift tin containing six mineral shadows and this is ideal for the styles that I like to create as well as experimenting with new bold looks and artistic expressions. The tin itself is attractive and suits my personality.

MeSo Makeup The Sugar Skull Collection

I feel that MeSo happily caters for the alternative in all of us and assists us to express this to a very high standard as well as being morally effective with keeping products animal cruelty free.

For more information on MeSo Makeup and their products please visit:

Written by Mizz Twisted Cherry

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