Kates Clothing Review of 2013

As most people head off back to work after a great festive holiday, we asked Kates Clothing to reflect back on 2013 to see if it was a great alternative fashion year.

Was 2013 a good year for Kates Clothing?

2013 was great fun here at KC HQ, we have seen a lot of stunning items pass through our virtual shelves this year plus we have had some epic sales to the delight of our customers, and to cap it all off we just found out we have been nominated for ‘Best Alternative Website 2013’ in the Alt Fashion End Of Year Polls! Excite! (All votes appreciated!)

What was the top selling brand?

For us Necessary Evil is always the top seller! Their versatility and range mean there is always a piece by them suitable for every occasion! Plus they are the only brand really doing alternative mens wear! Of course they were closely followed by Hell Bunny and Punk Rave who are dearly loved by all KC’s fashionable friends!

Banned Gothic Frankenstein Bag

However my personal favourite brand for 2013 however was Banned. I think they really out themselves on the map this year! They are a brand of two sides and you are bound to fall in love with at least one of them. I go for their bright, vivacious, rockabilly and spook show inspired pieces like the Frankenstein wallet and bag and sugar skull cardigans… but the other side to their brand features some excellent Gothic and Steampunk designs that definitely maintain Banned’s edgy style in their design!

What was you favourite item of women’s clothing?

This year my favourites list has been dominated by Necessary Evil’s A/W collection with The Lalita Jacket at the top as probably the most stylish and yet still wearable jacket of 2013! Also high up on the lust list is the Ceres Winter Coat, a Gothic winter coat that is actually warm, and the Nefetari Full Length Dress which made it into a lot of bloggers top outfit choices for NYE! All great pieces.

Necessary Evil Lalita Drapped Jacket

Also on my personal favourites list this year was the Kreepsville666 Night of the Living Dead dress! As a horror fan myself I just melted when I saw this, plus I am a sucker for an all over print! It was perfect for Halloween and for most of us alt fans Halloween is every day!

Kreepsville 666 Night Of The Living Dead Dress

What was your favourite item of men’s clothing?

I hate to be repetitive but Necessary Evil again came up tops in 2013 with their Mephisto Outfit made up of smart trousers, a shirt and a jacket all with complimentary military strap design, making them ideal for Goths, Rockers and people that love Steampunk! Super versatile and comfortable too (so I am told by the guys here!)

Necessary Evil Mephisto Jacket and Trousers

Also worth a mention from 2013 were Punk Rave’s Therion Trousers and Black Order Jacket, two ultra stylish pieces that were not afraid to stand out! It seems that men’s alternative fashion has been really safe for the past few years and that guys are really running out of options outside of jeans and a printed t-shirt!

Punk Rave Black Order Gothic Jacket

It is great to see Punk Rave making some alternative clothing for guys with lots of style and detail, and that can still be worn casually!

Finally, is 2014 going to be a great year for alternative fashion?

It is always hard to say what the further holds but from what I have seen through out 2013 I am expecting a lot from alternative fashion this year! As 2013 really saw the return of Traditional Gothic themes and ideas in clothing and accessories I really hope to see designers pushing this forward in 2014. I hope to see clothing designs become harder, more bold, and dare I say darker, carrying on from the ultra Gothic resurgence!

Plus coupled with this I think we can expect to see some bright, loud designs to come back in for summer… much like the very early pieces from Iron Fist. It would be great to see scorching hot colours and all over prints for breezy summer tops and leggings.
I can’t wait to team my ‘black and evils’ up with some ‘b-movie brights’ in 2014, it’s going to be hot!

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