Alchemy Gothic Behind the Brand

If you like to stand-out from the crowd then statement jewellery is a great cost effective way to impress your friends. When it comes to alternative jewellery Alchemy Gothic is one step ahead of the pack, and we asked Kates Clothing to take a closer look at this fantastic brand.

What is the story behind the Alchemy Gothic brand?

Alchemy has been around since the late 1970’s they are over 35 years old as a brand and are truly unique in their ability to stand the test of time as one of alternative culture’s most beloved brands. They have always offered a wide range of stunning Gothic jewellery but have kept things fresh by inventing genre specific sub brands that have helped them not only maintain a wide fan base but also grew new fans with our alienating the originals!

Why do you think Alchemy Gothic are so popular?

The thing I think makes Alchemy so popular is that their designs are authentic. They genuinely make jewellery and lifestyle items they like and other people with similar tastes really respond to that. They have never been one of those companies trying to figure out what the kids will be wearing next and how to win their pocket money, Alchemy are real and this means they truly understand the Gothic and Alternative aesthetic.

What are the stand-out pieces of the new collection?

I am a big fan of the wolf fronted earring with the silver bullet back, a lot of alchemy’s jewellery tells a story or is created around a central concept and I really enjoy seeing their thoughtfulness and attention to detail in their pieces… this one is a winner for me.

Other faves include the Wraith Spine, it is a hit with the boys here, mainly because it is a pretty horror inspired! Also the dragons claw had been popular too, Goths still can’t get enough of them dragons, my self included!

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