Necessary Evil Gothic Black Widow Collection

The Gothic Black Widow Collection features a stunning new print by top alternative fashion brand Necessary Evil. The Black Widow spider print features on a bodycon dress and leggings and will make a bold statement. Just add a leather jacket and ankle boots to complete your going out look!

Necessary Evil Gothic Black Widow Dress

This Gothic Black Widow Dress is a striking off the shoulder, clingy black dress with detailed and bright black widow spider print. The print is placed as if a giant spider were wrapping its legs around you. This dress has a slashed and tied back from the neckline to the waist creating a great Gothic look.

Necessary Evil Gothic Black Widow Leggings

These Gothic Black Widow Leggings feature a Black Widow spider print that wraps around the leggings starting at the top of the thigh than around the calf creating a stunning effect. Another feature that make these Gothic leggings special include a small run of slashes at the side of the left thigh and left calf.

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