Necessary Evil AW13 Has Arrived

Following our Necessary Evil AW13 Sneak Peak, we are delighted to announce that the full collection is now live at Kates Clothing.

Necessary Evil Zipteeth Jacket

What were the inspirations behind the new collection?

This collection, like all Necessary Evil collection is heavily influenced by the fans of the brand, the people who wear the clothing! When designing a new collection of Necessary Evil pieces the designer focuses on two sides of the story. The first is cultural, for what occasions do people chose to wear the clothing, what are the cultural statements are the fans of the brand trying to make? The other side of the story is how wearable are these pieces, how comfortable and flattering are they? With these two sides taken into consideration Necessary Evil creates clothing that is for the real fans of alternative culture… making clothing items that suit the lifestyles and the bodies of those who want to wear it.

Necessary Evil Shala Top

Necessary Evil clothing is cut for flattering curves, highlighting them, or even creating them with their signature corseted back pieces. The fabrics are chosen for durability, wear-ability as well as style and shape! I guess as everyone on the Necessary Evil team is alternative they have a good idea of what counts for alternative consumers!

Necessary Evil Drapped Jacket

Does the collection differ from previous years?

Yes it is quite different, Necessary Evil took on a lot o feedback from the fans of the brand who had said that they wanted to see more daring designs and more pieces inspired by classic or traditional gothic clothing styles… They wanted more gothic and that is certainly what they got, you only need to look at the new Nefetari Dress and you will see what I mean!

Necessary Evil Damara Dress

Aside from this there was a big outcry for more Necessary Evil Retro and Vintage style pieces which Necessary Evil have supplied in the shape of their Damara items that include a new cherry bomb blouse and dress and a new tulip pencil skirt. Plus not to be over looked is the Necessary Evil Off the Shoulder Daya Shirt, a new vintage gothic classic!

Necessary Evil Daya Shirt

Finally there was a big step forward with regards to mens wear this year. The Mephiston outfit of Jacket, trousers and shirt has been flying off the shelves. Necessary Evil took inspirations from classic gothic military designs and the gamble paid off with the super smart new best sellers!

Necessary Evil Mephisto Trousers

If you just had to pick one must-have piece – which would it be?

That is an incredibly hard question! There are so many pieces that I now own that I can not imagine being without now!

Necessary Evil Winter Coats

However, taking the time of year into consideration it would have to be the New Ceres Military Coat. It is so rare you get a Gothic style coat that is actually warm! Such a treat! You can thank its 35% wool mix fabric composition and full lining for that… it is a real winter warmer! Plus you don’t have to compramise on style! It is super smart with its military finish. It makes me feel unstopable! I totally reccomend it if you are shopping for a new winter coat!

Necessary Evil Luna Coat

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