Lenore Photoshoot

The photoshoot took place at Kate’s Clothing head office on the warmest Saturday of this summer. Kate had worked with the beautiful Lenore before, and when Lenore mentioned she’d be around in Birmingham, I jumped at the chance to photograph her for some new products and the next Necessary Evil collection.

I met Lenore for the first time when we sat down for a morning cuppa before the shoot. It was really easy for us to communicate with each other and to choose the right direction for the set, you can see the results for yourselves. Lenore was really professional and flexible with all of the garments even the tiny tutu skirt didn’t make the model blush (I was a bit distracted though).

She was so easy and pleasant to work with, there was no issues with posing or any awkward moments of confusion, everything went really smoothly- it was a great laugh as well! I can’t wait to work with her again.

So what does everyone think of the gorgeous Lenore? Be sure to visit Kate’s Clothing to see more photo’s of her.

Special thanks to Konstantin (Operations Manager and Photographer at Kate’s Clothing).

One Comment

  1. fab clothes, the model is great : ) love criss cross style on any clothing xxx