Kill Star Gothic Fashion

Kill Star Gothic Fashion

Check out the new collection by Kill Star for all your dark fashion needs! This must-have alternative fashion brand offers a dark and edgy lifestyle range of clothing for women, comprised of provocative thinking and unconventional ideas.

Kill Star Goth Knit Sweater

This Goth Knit Sweater shows exactly who you are – Gothic with an edge! Dropping the F bomb on a comfortable knitted jumper is exactly how we roll, and so should you!

Kill Star Krueger Distressed Knit Sweater

This Krueger Distressed Knit Sweater is an awesome high quality jumper inspired by everyone’s favourite nightmare – Freddy Krueger! Looks like he got his claws stuck, because this badass piece of knitwear has distressed rips!

Kill Star Tartan Skater Dress

Finally, this Tartan Skater Dress isn’t just a red plaid dress – it’s got an awesomely unique gradient fading the skirt into blackness! This cool vest dress has a one-button collar fastening on the back and loose skirt to stomp around town in!

Shop all the latest women’s styles by Kill Star now.

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