Gothic Jewellery

Gothic Jewellery to Die for!

If you are looking for Gothic jewellery then look no further than pieces by top brands such as Alchemy Empire, Alchemy Empire, Alchemy Gothic, Alchemy UL13, Alice Takes A Trip, Bow & Crossbones, Double Dice, and Kreepsville 666.

There are a huge range of necklaces to choose from including skulls, lightning bolts and hearts, and each pendant is made of stylish, hard wearing metal.

Here are some of our favourite pieces:

Alchemy Gothic Upir Pendant. The sinister nocturnal persona of Count Magistus in the Slavic forests of the Bohmerwald and 13cm long.

Alchemy UL13 Lets Rock Pendant. Rockabilly style microphone with skull detail, Let’s Rock engraved gold scroll, On ball chain, Pewter and 1.5″ long.

Double Dice Bat Necklace. Silver and black enamel bat, 16″ silver chain and 5cm wide.

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