Fearless Illustration Chiffon Shirts

Fearless Illustration are a rather unique alternative fashion brand and they have with their new collection of chiffon shirts. Featuring beautiful Gothic designs of skulls, hearts, black cats and skeletons these are a must have for your wardrobe.

Fearless Illustration Stellar Skulls Chiffon Shirt

This Stellar Skulls Chiffon Shirt is a stunning Gothic sleeveless blouse with skeleton prints and contrast black collar and button-up trim detail.

Fearless Illustration Black Cats Chiffon Shirt

This Black Cats Chiffon Shirt is a must-have for all kitty lovers who have a penchant for dark imagery. This gorgeous sheer blouse has an all over print and gradient that makes for a truly stunning top!

Fearless Illustration Pastel Chains Chiffon Shirt

Finally, this Pastel Chains Chiffon Shirt is a super unique sleeveless blouse with a purple print of an anatomically correct heart and chains, and contrasting panels.

Shop the full range of Chiffon Shirts by Fearless Illustration now.

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