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Rockabilly - Behind The StyleRockabilly - Behind The Style As we continue our look through all different Gothic styles, this month we feature Rockabilly for the people who love fifties style clothing with an extreme edge, and we find out more from Kates Clothing about this amazing style. What are the origins of the Rockabilly style? Inspiration is drawn from 1940's and 50's style and taken to the extreme. With a resurgence...

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Adidas Skateboarding CollectionAdidas Skateboarding Collection The Adidas Skateboarding shoe was originally endorsed by Robert Haillet, but later renamed after tennis great Stan Smith, becoming one of the best selling shoes of all time, selling well over 30 million pairs. With a lightweight yet durable upper and an outsole with amazing board feel, the Stan Smith quickly found its way onto the feet of many a skateboarder. It was...

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Sin Star Clothing T-ShirtsSin Star Clothing T-Shirts Sin Star Clothing is a new brand that appeals to a broad audience, including the band scene, urban sports fans such as BMX and Parkour, and the everyday Average Joe. The brand’s message is ‘Armour Against Authority’ as they know that life is not easy, and they urge fans to realise their dreams in life. Sin Star Armour T-Shirt. British flag bearing the brand...

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Kill Star Womens T-ShirtsKill Star Womens T-Shirts Kill Star is a new British clothing company with a twist of darkness, channeling emotional power and raw energy into a range of must-have graphical print and slogan t-shirts for women. Kill Star was formerly known as To Kill A Star. Kill Star A Star Cross T-Shirt. Black girl's extra length, fitted T-Shirt, with Pink foil inverted cross front print and 100% Cotton. Kill...

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Alternative Winter CoatsAlternative Winter Coats If you are sick of the same old High Street brands and want to grab something unique packed full of attitude then take a look at a winter coat from an alternative fashion brand such as Hell Bunny, Living Dead Souls or Poizen Industries. So whether you want to look retro, ravishing, or devilishly dark there is a cosy winter coat for you! Poizen Industries Juku Coat....

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Poizen Industries


Poizen Industries is an alternative clothing brand, which produces clothing and accessories for women who live an alternative lifestyle. The brand varies from gothic to punk, to even some styles which would be viewed as quite ‘girly’ which means that almost everyone will find something that they like featured in the Poizen Industries range.

Poizen Industries Clothing

Aside from clothing, the brand also features miniature hat fascinators, arm warmers, wristbands, gloves and bags. The Poizen Industries brand is an eclectic mix of everything alternative, mash ups of different styles, patterns and colours rarely seen with each other, straps and pins are often seen randomly placed on their clothing, and yet, each piece works amazingly well with its original mix of fabrics, styles and components.

Design features commonly seen in the Poizen Industries range are pinstriped fabrics, bondage straps (both on tops and trousers), a “Bye Bye Kitty” “Evil Bunny” “Evil Fairies” or “Evil Teddy” printed logo (usually depicted as a silhouette of the corresponding animal’s head above crossed bones), corset style lace up, ears on hoodies and hats, netting (mainly featured on skirts), layers on skirts of different colours and fabrics and stripes.

Poizen Industries provide clothing for various alternative subcultures, although gothic and punk are primarily the cultures which are catered for.