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Guide To Alternative Festival Clothing

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With the festival season upon us we asked Kates Clothing for some tips and styles on the best fashion pieces to wear, to stand-out from the crowd!

Are there any current alternative trends to festival clothing?

I think as always festival clothing follows a few simple rules. Firstly your clothing must be subtly stylish, festival style is all about looking casual and like you haven’t really tried to hard but the truth is, yes try hard and pick out something awesome! The whole of metal scene/ goth scene / rock scene or whatever will be there from not just around the UK but around the world so it is a great excuse to sport your social camouflage with pride!

For girls I would recommend the Punk Rave Snakeskin short with some awesome fishnets or suspender tights (beware of tan line thought) and for guys it is all about a good vest like the Akumu Ink Tone Death Vest, teamed with something 3/4 length on the bottom…Necessary Evil do a great pair of Odin transformer trousers that zip off into shorts, check them out!

Number two, clothing and footwear should be practical, which is great to help you get that ‘I’ve not even really tried’ vibe to your outfit, even though you’ve planned all of your clothing. Practical items like The Restyle Pocket Belt and a good pair of stack heel New Rocks will see you right at a festival, perfect for being comfortable all day and great in all weather situations. Try to avoid anything that will get too dirty too quickly, like white clothing and anything that is not easy to sit on the floor in like very low cut tops as guys will look down them as they walk past, or very short skirts as you will end up with your butt in field dirt!

My last rule is versatility, try to pick items that will be good in various weather conditions… like long socks, you can just roll them up over you knee when the temperature drops in the evening. Also good is a loose long sleeve shirt, perfect for either keeping you a touch warmer in a breeze but also perfect for keeping the sun off you if you can’t get in the shade! I swear by a large white light colour shirt for festivals for that reason, I am no good in the sun so prefer to keep my skin out of it! Shirts like that are easily stowed too! Finally include a zip front hoody, totally essential as festivals get cold in the evening and that is if they ever get hot in the first place!I love the Iron Fist Siesta Skull for this summer, or the Restyle Skeleton one with its epic hood!

…however if you are going to a festival like Whitby, you can ignore all of the above, they have their own rules!

What are your go-to brands for festival style?

Top of my list is New Rock Boots, they are the ultimate festival footwear, but just make sure you have broken them in first. Once you have been wearing your New Rocks for a while they become like a second skin, super comfortable and perfect for all day and all night wear. Plus they are practically weather proof! I also love the stack heel so I don’t have to give up on a little extra height for the sake of being comfortable!

Kreepsville666 is another festival favorite of mine, their skeleton tunic tops are really easy to wear and come in a great range of colours so you can be bright and vibrant and still totally alternative! Their handbags and accessories are also great for standing out at festivals with their playful and b movie vibe!

What key pieces would you take to a festival?

A side from a Restyle pocket belt, Skeleton hoody, pair of New Rocks and a large men’s shirt to hide me from the sun I would also make sure to have some great hosiery as you don’t always want to be maintaining your legs, check out Pamela Mann’s kitty tights, tattoo pint tights and Gothic cross tights for this as they are all totally awesome and also some stunning Punk Rave items for the style factor, definitely the Macbeth leggings, and maybe something like the Furriku jacket for late night fun.

Also the New Vampire Flower Dress would be great as it is already made from distressed cotton so will with stand a little rough treatment but will keep you looking stylish and super feminine in the heat!

Finally don’t forget a pocket poncho, you’ll be sad when it rains and everyone else has got one but you!

Will the staff at Kate’s Clothing be attending any festivals this year?

We have already been to Resistanz in Sheffield and Whitby this year! However we also have Underwall, Hellfest, Download and of course our local Bloodstock to look forward too! We are big advocates of festival fun here and are fans of getting out of the UK for a few festivals each year, it really give us a chance to see what is happening with alternative fashion around the globe, great for discovering brands and trends!

Be sure to check out Kates Clothing for all your festival fashion needs, and save some money with their discount code!

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