Cold Heart Skater Dresses

Cold Heart is an alternative fashion brand that offers a range of clothing with a very feminine edge offering a bold yet soft style. Choose from this range of cute but feisty skater dresses that are perfect for nights out with your friends.

Cold Heart Mystical Mushrooms Skater Dress

This Mystical Mushrooms Skater Dress has a trippy purple front print showing growing mushrooms which together create a creepy skull effect.

Cold Heart Mortem Rose Skater Dress

This Mortem Rose Skater Dress is a sweet looking mini dress but the large front print of a pink rose shows a skull centrepiece.

Cold Heart Timeless Tango Skater Dress

Finally, this Timeless Tango Skater Dress features a stunning front print showing two skeletons in the middle of their lovers’ dance.

Shop the full range of skater dresses by Cold Heart now.

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