Sullen Clothing For Men

Taking inspiration from Punk Rock to Hip Hop to Heavy Metal, Sullen is a California, art-driven lifestyle clothing brand that integrates like minded sub cultures with their fantastic range of graphical designs. Having built a relationship with the worlds’ top Tattoo Artists, Graffiti Artists, and Painters here are the latest men’s t-shirts from the new collection.

Sullen Nocturnal Men’s T-Shirt. In the style of Medusa, this men’s t-shirt is guaranteed to leave you in a tangle as you admire the beautiful design by Carlos Torres. Featuring a woman’s face as she slowly becomes lost within the chaos of hair and ivy leaves which surrounds her.

Sullen Soto Joker Men’s T-Shirt. Featuring a women’s face that will make a bold fashion statement.

Sullen Valory Men’s T-Shirt. A stunning design which is guaranteed to turn heads when you are out.

Shop the full range of men’s t-shirts by Sullen Clothing now.

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