Liquorbrand Dresses

Liquorbrand is a fantastic tattoo-inspired alternative fashion brand that offers a range of prints from adorable unicorns and ponies to Gothic occult cats and classic rockabilly designs. Liquorbrand’s style is for those who love to stand-out from the crowd, so choose one of these best selling dresses!

Liquorbrand Unicorns Dress

This Unicorns Dress is so adorable! A multicoloured all over print shows happy unicorns, cheerful rainbows, lovely hearts and lots of fun little details.

Liquorbrand Satatic Cats Dress

This Satatic Cats Dress is a figure-hugging dress with an all over print of evil looking cats and upside down crosses. Their markings vary from pentagrams to all-seeing eyes, and these kitties probably wouldn’t be the best pets to keep.

Liquorbrand Little Red Dress

Finally, this Little Red Dress has an all over tattoo inspired print of Little Red Riding Hood. From the big bad wolf himself to mushrooms and apples, this patterned dress is cute in a Grimm fairy-tale style!

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