SinStar Logo T-Shirts

T-Shirts are the backbone of your essential wardrobe and SinStar Clothing offer a range of loud rock n' toll graphic t-shirts to these more subtle logo t-shirts available in a range of colours. These...

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Cvlt Nation Clothing For Men

USA brand CVLT Nation is one the biggest names in horror and occult art and features a collection of Satanic imagery and artwork for men. Choose from a range of devilishly dark clothing that include...

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Witchcraft Clothing For Men

Here is the latest men's clothing range from the UK's own Witchcraft featuring badass Satanic imagery and artwork from one of the biggest names in horror and occult art. Choose from a range of hoodies,...

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Mulisha Maidens Fall Collection

Metal Mulisha have just releases their Fall collection and this latest range of women's clothes comes in addition to their traditional men's collection, affectionately termed Mulisha Maidens. With...

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Superdry Womens Hoodies

The new fashion season is upon us and urban street fashion giants Superdry have released a campus Collection of women's hoodies. So add a layer to your style with a must-have hoodie and choose from zip...

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Kill Star Dresses

Category : Indie Fashion

The new Kill Star collection for women is cool as ever offering occult luxury. If you are looking for an alternative party dress then look no further than these fantastic pieces featuring occult symbols and freaky prints.

Kill Star No Sweetheart Skater Dress

This No Sweetheart Skater Dress is a black sleeveless skater dress with an all over heart sweets digital print and button fastening at the back.

Kill Star Siamese Racer Back Dress

This Siamese Racer Back Dress features a sublimated Siamese print in a racer back vest dress, and comes with a scoop neckline and uneven hem.

Kill Star Goetia Hood Dress

This Goetia Hood Dress is a black vest dress with an oversized hood and all over Goetia digital print.

Be sure to check out all the latest alternative dresses by Kill Star now.

Cvlt Nation Clothing For Men

Category : Featured, Gothic Fashion

Cvlt Nation Clothing For Men

USA brand CVLT Nation is one the biggest names in horror and occult art and features a collection of Satanic imagery and artwork for men. Choose from a range of devilishly dark clothing that include sweats and t-shirts.

CVLT Nation Satans Ride Crewneck

This Satans Ride Crewneck is a black sweatshirt which features a Satan’s Ride front print, and comes with a logo back print and is 100% Cotton.

CVLT Nation Demons Gate T-Shirt

This Demons Gate T-Shirt is a white men’s t-shirt with a Demon’s Gate front print, and Logo back print, and is 100% Cotton.

Be sure to check out the full range of men’s clothing by Cvlt Nation now.

Kates Clothing Christmas Gifts Ideas

Category : Interviews

Kates Clothing Christmas Gifts Ideas

If you are struggling to think of alternative gift ideas for him and her then let Kates Clothing help you out with their guide to all the top Chritsmas gift idaes.

What are your top gift ideas for Women?

There are two ways you can look at gift giving and it really does come down to who you are and who you are shopping for. If you are shopping for someone who is particular or someone who might not be able to give you accurate sizing info then there is one safe option… The Gift Certificate.

People often avoid gift certificates as they seem thoughtless or impersonal. However I have a tip for beating that! When I get a gift certificate for a friend or relative I will put it inside a nice card and write down an idea of what I would like them to spend it on, i.e ‘Your next round of hair dye is on me’ or ‘now you can get those awesome shoes you wanted!’ Show the person that you have thought about their gift and the certificate is for something that if you bought it for them you could get it wrong… hair dye is a killer for this, I always want to get my girlfriends some hair dye as it is always appreciated but I always feel in danger of getting the wrong shade or brand, girls can be so particular about this!

Gift certificates are great for avoiding offending someone with sizing too… if someone has told you they are a size 12 but you believe them to be bigger or smaller… just get them a gift certificate and let them call the size! Then you don’t have to be responsible for the returns/exchanges process too!

OK so now on to shopping for people that aren’t so hard to by for… hot on our gift picks for girls this year are the following:

The New Alchemy Gothic Wrap Earrings

These earrings speak for themselves! The are ultra Gothic and great for a wide range of ages and styles! All you need is to make sure the girl has pierced ears and your set for a winner.

Alchemy Gothic Bed Of Blood Roses Wrap Earring

Nightmare Before Christmas Accessories.

Nightmare before Christmas’ Jack Skellington is every girls favourite Xmas date and here at KC HQ we have him in all forms from bags, scarfs, slippers, earphones, cushions and blankets. There is something there to fill any goth girls Xmas stocking!

Nightmare Before Christmas Gothic Slippers

Ultra Alternative Handbags

It has been said that a woman can never have too many handbags or pairs of shoes… or purses, and seeing as shoe require sizing we think handbags are always a very safe bet. Handbags and wallets come in a great range of style and prices from the ultra gothic to the uber punk…plus they are universal across women kind! You can buy a handbag for your mate, your sister, your niece, your mum… they always go down well

RQBL Hamlet Gothic Skull Bag

A rather special example from the bags we have available at KC HQ is this Red Queen’s Black Legion Hamlet Skull Bag! Just in case you though bags were boring!

What are your top gift ideas for men?

When shopping for the guys in my life I always take the opportunity to give them that special something they are lacking… in the style department. From what I gather not very many guys are into self styling even though most guys love to look stylish!

Christmas is a great time of year to give their wardrobe some awesome boots… However be warned, this is not a call to try and change someone style, no one will ever thank you for buying them something only you think they should wear! Try and identify something that they would like but wouldn’t treat themselves to! Here are a few examples:

The Necessary Evil Mephisto Pieces

This stylish trio are some excellent examples of men’s Gothic clothing that are very cool and yet really easy to wear or meld into an existing alternative wardrobe… sticking yet easy to team up with other pieces!

Necessary Evil Mephisto Jacket and Trousers

Smart shoes

Guys hate to admit it but every man needs a good pair of smart shoes so why not pick them out a pair that is unique and alternative. Just because they are smart shoes doesn’t mean they have to be boring shoes! Beware of sizing when buying shoes, always check the gift returns policy to make sure they are easy to exchange if they shoe doesn’t fit!

New Rock Black Snakeskin Leather Newman Shoes

Alchemy Gothic Empire pieces

Alchemy Gothic is always a great ‘go to’ brand for men’s jewellery and accessories. They have a unique skill of teaming alternative style and masculinity this manifests into some excellent accessories for him. Some of their best items come from the Alchemy Empire range, these Steampunk inspired pieces have a real ‘gentleman’ feel to them, designed to make any man feel stylish… and special.

Alchemy Empire Spectrostatic Nocturnium Bracelet

If you are looking to treat yourself this Christmas – what would you get?

As someone who is terrible for treating herself when Christmas shopping I always have one hand on my wish list and the other on my gift list at this time of year! I think it is important to have a nice new party dress for Xmas every year so always treat myself to one of those plus I am a big fan of keeping warm so a good cardi or jumper is always on my treat list for December.

As we’ve already talked about Party Dresses I guess we better talk about super comfortable Xmas warmers! We have some great cardigans here at HQ from Hell Bunny and Banned, this year I have been spoilt for choice!

Hell Bunny Gothic Spider Cardigan

Also I like to make sure I am well stocked up on cool tights for December as so often you want to dress up in something cute but the weather has other ideas! I can’t stand to be chilly so some nice thick tights with a great alternative design are perfect to keep you warm and stylish! Here is a good example from my favourites Pamela Mann and Signature!

Pamela Mann Gothic Cross Tights

Be sure to check out all these fantastic alternative gift ideas at Kates Clothing now!

Witchcraft Clothing For Men

Category : Featured, Gothic Fashion

Witchcraft Clothing For Men

Here is the latest men’s clothing range from the UK’s own Witchcraft featuring badass Satanic imagery and artwork from one of the biggest names in horror and occult art. Choose from a range of hoodies, long sleeve tops and t-shirts.

Witchcraft Broomsticks Hoodie

This Broomsticks Hoodie is a black men’s hoodie that features a logo front and back print, and comes with a drawstring hood, and is 100% Cotton.

Witchcraft Goat Witch T-Shirt

This Goat Witch T-Shirt is a black men’s t-shirt featuring a Goat Witch back print, logo front print and is 100% Cotton.

Be sure to check out the full range of men’s clothing by Witchcraft now.

Winter Party Season Dresses

Category : Interviews

If you are like us and not sure what to wear this party season, we got together with top alternative fashion guru’s Kates Clothing to find out their take on this winter’s must have dresses.

Are there any alternative trends to follow this party season?

The season fashion is down right dowdy with frumpy cuts and deep rich colours that really say very little about the person wearing it, lucky we are not hear for the mainstream trends and although I have noticed alternative fashion being hit by some of the same ideas this season here at KC HQ we are all about bucking these trends and making sure that Christmas party season is rammed with elegant and flattering cuts, vibrant colours and of course some really Gothic Winter winners!

Is the LBD (Little Black Dress) still the go-to dress?

The little black dress is always a go to but when it comes to Xmas party season it just doesn’t cut it! We are looking for festive colours, or sparkles or beautiful lace sleeves or fishtails… something to make the night feel special and make you feel even more amazing than usual. Yes the little black dress remains a fails safe against all manner of outfit crises but for Christmas you will want to feel extra special!

What is your favourite winter party dress?

My top winter party dress for this year is the Necessary Evil Nefetari dress

Necessary Evil Nefetari Lace and Twill Dress

It is a full length dress with long lace sleeves, a lace neckline and lace cut outs at the side… a totally elegant Gothic piece, super sophisticated and still major league foxy! Put this together with some Gothic silver jewellery and you can fit to be ‘Morticia Addams’ of any winter gathering! Similarly the Faun Dress from Punk Rave is a favourite of mine here, nicknamed the ‘Black Swan’ Dress, this is one to bust out when you need to turn heads, so dramatic!

Hell Bunny Gothic Black Widow Dress

However Black isn’t for everyone! Some of us alternative sorts like to get involved with the festive cheers and add some colour to our wardrobes! That is why this Black widow dress from Hell Bunny is right up there with my top choices for winter party wear. It is an awesome festive colour, bright red, and a super feminine and flattering cut! It is available in a great range of sizes including plus sizes and…. it has a great alternative pattern of black widow spiders with pin up faces! That might sound a bit odd, check it out though as it works when you look at it!

What accessories would you recommend?

This year we are all about boleros! They are great for the temperature this time of year, as you might not always want to have bare arms, plus they are great for breaking up an outfit! Adding some black to a colourful dress or vice versa! Necessary Evil have just released this little lace number that goes with everything! The Cleone Bolero

Necessary Evil Gothic Cleone Lace Bolero

Also, as always in winter, tights are a very important accessory, visually and functionally! These baroque ones from Pamela Mann are perfect for Xmas party season! Plus there are lots of other great feature tights out there at the moment too… options to go with every outfit!

Pamela Mann Gothic Baroque Tights

Finally no outfit is complete with out something to drive the magpies wild! Alchemy Gothic have just sent up some great necklaces and wrap earrings that will add just the perfect amount of sparkle to an outfit! Here is a personal favourite… The Twilight Necklace, lots of love bats around a mouther of pearl moon. Love love love this!

Alchemy Gothic Twilight Necklace

Be sure to check out all these amazing party pieces at Kates Clothing now!