Death Rock & Horror Clothing – Behind The Style

For this month’s Q&A we thought we would have a chat with Kates Clothing about the Death Rock and Horror subculture trend and what are the key looks and must-have clothing.

What are the origins of the Death Rock & Horror style?

Death rock is almost a kind of punk goth, heavily inspired by groups like Siouxsie and the Banshees. It crosses over a lot with the horror style, as both can be extreme and dedicated fashions with similar features. Big hair, detailed make-up and a dark, punk look heavy on accessories are essential for both these looks.

Does the Death Rock & Horror style differ from other Gothic styles?

It does, but it’s more an extension of the traditional Gothic style, an exaggeration if you like. the hair is bigger, often mowhawked (or ‘deathhawked’), the make-up more defined (especially cheekbones and eyebrows) with a lot of fans of the style wearing torn or distressed items of clothing – but still in a very conscious and co-ordinated way.

Which brands are associated with Death Rock & Horror?

This is a style which focuses on a DIY ethic, which means devotees customise and make their own items. Necessary Evil is a brand which makes tailored and classic black items, ideal for customising into the different styles. Kreepsville 666 are the brand for horror styles, especially their creepy and gorey accessories.

What would be the must-have Death Rock & Horror item of clothing?

Ripped tights, a waspie corset and a big deathhawk!

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