Father Dougal For Pope T-Shirt

What with all the recent revelations in the Vatican, the world over has been shocked that the current Pope is resigning. Such a thing not being done in over 600 years, so questions and chatter have begun to who would be the best possible replacement. With a fair few Priests in the running for the role of Pope, who can say who will be next at this stage. But wait a minute, what’s this? A new opponent for the sought-after role?

Inspired by the brilliant and famously funny Father Ted series, Father Dougal McGuire is making a ‘Race for the Vatican’ in a t-shirt bid for a chance at being Pope. This humorous t-shirt from the fun and creative minds at 8ball.co.uk sees the lovable character of Father Dougal at the forefront of the t-shirt. “How hard can it be, Ted” is printed below his worried looking chops, with the main caption, ‘Vote Dougal for Pope’ strewn across the tee.

Available in a choice of grey, blue or white and from sizes small – 2XL everyone can enjoy the fun and hilarious anecdotes from Father Dougal. The riotous tee has never been so poignant with the recent changes in the religious world, and adds a needed humour to the latest revelations.

Grab this Father Dougal For Pope T-Shirt now!

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