Jawbreaker Summer Tops

As the weather starts to warm up it is time to update your Spring/Summer wardrobe with some casual coolness by Jawbreaker. We have picked out these 3 must-have tops for women. This Zombie Burger...

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Monsterdam Alternative Lingerie

Monsterdam is a stunning new brand offering sexy alternative lingerie with awesome prints including sugar skulls, bats, sparrows and lots of attitude! Choose from a range of Panties and G-Strings. These...

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Hades Alternative Footwear

Hades Footwear has just released a new range of alternative, steampunk and rock footwear for women that includes killer shoes and boots in unique styles, with incredible details that you won't find...

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Widow Gothic Fashion

Widow is a new alternative brand to our fashion blog, and their new collection combines Gothic and dark streetwear with a range of must-have women's hoodies and low crotch shorts! This Joan...

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Hell Bunny Spring Collection

The brand new Spring collection from Hell Bunny has just arrived and we are in love with these cute rockabilly dresses and playsuits! This Love Mini Dress is a fun, and slightly creepy dress!...

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Father Dougal For Pope T-Shirt

Category : Indie Fashion

What with all the recent revelations in the Vatican, the world over has been shocked that the current Pope is resigning. Such a thing not being done in over 600 years, so questions and chatter have begun to who would be the best possible replacement. With a fair few Priests in the running for the role of Pope, who can say who will be next at this stage. But wait a minute, what’s this? A new opponent for the sought-after role?

Inspired by the brilliant and famously funny Father Ted series, Father Dougal McGuire is making a ‘Race for the Vatican’ in a t-shirt bid for a chance at being Pope. This humorous t-shirt from the fun and creative minds at 8ball.co.uk sees the lovable character of Father Dougal at the forefront of the t-shirt. “How hard can it be, Ted” is printed below his worried looking chops, with the main caption, ‘Vote Dougal for Pope’ strewn across the tee.

Available in a choice of grey, blue or white and from sizes small – 2XL everyone can enjoy the fun and hilarious anecdotes from Father Dougal. The riotous tee has never been so poignant with the recent changes in the religious world, and adds a needed humour to the latest revelations.

Grab this Father Dougal For Pope T-Shirt now!

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