Necessary Evil Interview

Independent Gothic brand Necessary Evil is a new breed of fashion with cutting edge style, classic yet sexy for people that love it, designed by people that love it. We were really excited to interview Kate Seagroatt who was kind enough to give us some insight behind the Gothic label.

1. How did Necessary Evil come about?

The Necessary Evil label come about because I’d been designing and releasing a few clothing styles under the Kate’s Clothing label and they’d been doing really well. I wanted to take things to the next level and hit the market with a whole range of new designs. To really impact the market and get my foot in the door with the shops I felt I needed an exciting new, trademarked label. The Necessary Evil name just hit me and I became immediately convinced it was perfect.

2. Where do you get your inspiration for new designs?

My inspiration comes from all over the place, sometimes I just wake up with a picture in my head. Other times I have to sit myself in front of trashy television or music videos and just draw until the good ideas start appearing on the paper. I like looking at the really top end designer collections for things like the cut and fit and other features that make a really difference in the quality of a style.

3. Which do you think is the stand-out piece of the current collection?

The stand out piece from the latest collection is, I think, the Neith 40s top. My concept was to run with the 50s, retro trend, but take it further and give people something different. I love the classy, glamorous styles from the late 40s and I think the top captures the essence of that. It’s eye catching without being overstated and it’s also great for work wear. Plus it’s coming soon in two new prints, pink butterflies and turquoise mermaids.

4. Is there anything exciting for the Autumn?

I’m so excited about the Autumn collection. Being a Sci Fi nerd as well, I’m all over the Steampunk styling, I love it! There’s lots of new Men’s styles coming. There doesn’t seem to be many designers catering to the alternative male population, so they’re crying out for something new and I’m convinced we’re about to have just what they’ve been looking for. I’ve far from neglected the ladies though, I have my biggest ever new collection being manufactured right now and it’s packed full of exciting new things!

See the full range of Necessary Evil clothing now.

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