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Kreepsville 666 Barrel Bags

Category : Gothic Fashion

Kreepsville 666 feature in their clothing and accessories many elements of death and murder. These dark elements have allowed people to freely express themselves and give them the chance to wear what they want to wear and not what people say they should.

Kreepsville 666 have just released these canvas Barrel Bags which are great for the festival season and also have a shoulder strap for carrying heavy items, and feature stand-out eyeball, vampire and zombie prints.

Kreepsville 666 Eyeball Barrel Bag. Spooktacular barrel bag from Kreepsville in red and black canvas. One side features the Kreepsville logo, the other says’ Evil Eye On You!’ in horror print. The ends of the bag have their iconic eyeball print. The bag has two carry handles, a detachable shoulder strap and zip closure.

Kreepsville 666 Vamp Barrel Bag. Terrifying canvas barrel bag from Kreepsville featuring their unique vampire teeth print on each end. ‘Vamp’ is printed on one side, while the other says ‘Trans-National Bite Club’. It has two carry handles, a detachable shoulder strap and zip closure.

Kreepsville 666 Zombie Barrel Bag. Gruesome canvas barrel bag in Frankenstein green print. It features grasping zombie hands on one side and shuffling zombie silhouettes on the other. At each end is an eaten brain print.

Click Shop Now to grab one of these amazing bags by Kreepsville 666.

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