Killstar Voodoo Child Collection

Killstar Voodoo Child Collection

The brand new Voodoo Child Collection from Killstar has arrived and we love what we are seeing. Occult symbols and slogans on a whole new range of designs. Keep it black, keep it Killstar!

Killstar Voodoo Crop Top

This Voodoo Crop Top is a cool crop top with a Wednesday Addams inspired white collar. The metallic all over print is of witchy symbols, spells and mysterious sigils.

Killstar Baphomet Spine Vest

This Baphomet Spine Vest is an unusual top with an open back and a leatherlook collar that has a strap down the back. The metallic print is of the demon Goat of Mendes, his symbol shining in the light.

Killstar Baphomet Maxi Dress

This Baphomet Maxi Dress is a gorgeous long dress that hugs your curves in a mysterious way, and flows down to your ankles. It has an all over print of the famous horned demon Goat of Mendes, which shimmers and shines in the light.

Killstar Voodoo Doll Dress

Finally, this Voodoo Doll Dress is a seriously witchy skater dress, with an all over shiny print of sigils and spells. The collar and button details are Wednesday Addams inspired, and it even has a satin ribbon detail on the waist.

Shop the full Voodoo Child Collection by Killstar now.

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