Fantasmagoria Mens Tops

If Industrial Clothing is more your fashion style then check out these new releases by Industrial brand Fantasmagoria. They have have produced some awesome tops with a post apocalyptic theme with stand-out designs that can be worn anywhere and very reasonably priced too!

Fantasmagoria Industrial Long Sleeve Top. Black long sleeve top from Fantasmagoria featuring an industrial cyber vinyl print. With bio-hazard and toxic symbols this t-shirt is a striking yet versatile top.

Fantasmagoria Industrial Green T-Shirt. Versatile t-shirt from Fantasmagoria with post apocalyptic print. This green short sleeved t-shirt has a distressed style print in grey and yellow with a military figure in a gas mask.

Fantasmagoria Industrial Grey T-Shirt. Wearable industrial t-shirt from Fantasmagoria with a futuristic military print. This grey short sleeved t-shirt has a simple yet striking print of a gas mask, medical cross and ‘Staying alive’ print.A versatile cyber t-shirt.

Shop these men’s tops by Fantasmagoria at Kates Clothing now.

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