Necessary Evil Spring Collection Interview

Necessary Evil produce tailored but affordable designs with innovative features, edgy yet versatile fashion. The new Spring collection has just arrived and we talked to Kates Clothing to find out more about the new styles and inspirations.

What were the inspirations behind the new collection?

As well as the usual desire to provide an alternative to the alternative, a few of our pieces were influenced by Gothic steampunk like the Alpheto blouse. and the Daena dress was actually inspired by a doll from Lenore’s collection (and the desire to make a wearable straightjacket dress!)

Do you follow any trends when designing a collection?

Yes to a certain extent, it’s no good designing things that are completely out of style and that nobody wants to wear but at the same time it’s our individuality that sets us apart from other alternative designers.

What are your favourite pieces from the new range?

The Daena dress for certain, just because it’s so unique and can be worn in a number of different ways, the Siris top is proving very popular too just because of it’s versatility to be casual or dressed up.

Will there be any plus sizes?

Definitely! We’ve been working very hard on expanding our plus size range and we’re hoping our fans will love it and help us by buying some so we can make it even bigger! At the moment we are expecting a dress, some tops and a long skirt to come in up to a UK22 in around April.

And finally, when is the new collection released?

Half of it is available now and the other half we expect in April including a new studded dress, Gothic Victoriana long skirt and a brand new pair of rock chick trousers.

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