Emo Scarves

This awesome range of Emo scarves offer an iconic look that always brings trend to any style and is perfect for the Emo scene. These scarves add their own unique twist on the Emo look, giving you the chance to show how alternative your style can be and finishing off your favourite outfit brilliantly.

Checkered Design Scarf. Add this Blue Banana Pink Checkered scarf to your look and keep yourself warm through the colder months whilst bringing an edge to your look.

Plo Design Scarf. Inspired by Palestinian scarves, this Blue Banana Blue PLO scarf will help to bring a bit of culture to your image and help to show off your diverse fashion sense.

Skulls Design Large Scarf. For those of you who love to bring a new twist to your style, this Blue Banana Black Large Skulls scarf is perfect. It’s uniquely designed to give you a diverse image and soft feel all throughout the year, so you can keep up your Emo edge even through the winter.

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