Emily The Strange

Emily the Strange

Emily the Strange is a fictional counterculture character, created by Rob Reger and turned into a clothing brand.

Emily is a 13-year-old (birthday is 23rd september). She has an exceptionally pale complexion, with jet black hair, and wears a short black dress, black tights, and large white Mary Jones shoes. Emily has a dark gothic view on life, and is likened to that of Wednesday Addams, of the Adams Family.

Emily has four black cats. Sabbath is distinguished by a scar on his right ear, Nee-Chee has a black and white striped tail, Miles has a white X on his right eye, and finally Mystery has a white star on her right eye.

Emily The Strange

Emily The Strange has become a comic book icon and the franchise has grown to¬†include clothing, stationery, stickers, and accessories, all featuring Emily’s distinctive appearance and frequently featuring one of her sayings “Wish you weren’t here”.

Click here to view the Emily The Strange clothing collection.

Emily The strange

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