Clandestine Industries Clothing

Kiss Me Electric T-shirt by Clandestine Industries

Clandestine Industries is not a clothing company, it is not a band, it is a story based on a nightmare. A book called “clandestine industries presents: the boy with the thorn in his side” was released in 2004.  Calandestine complain that the alternative scene is already too saturated with clothing companies with bad designs and horrible bands. Therefore Clandestine is an attack on these stale ideas.

The story was based on the real nightmares of Peter Wentz, lyricist and bass player from the band Fall Out Boy. The memories of these nightmares have stayed with him since he was young, however with the visual inspiration of world famous tattoo artist Tim Biedron, these images came to life. The images were then illustrated by Joe Tesauro with intense colors by Rob Dobi, the pictures tell the story that kept the young Peter Wentz awake at night.

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