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Therion Band Profile

Category : Band Profiles

With Therion trying to sell out their online store thanks to the uprising of online media sales over CD purchases, and with a world-wide tour beginning at the end of May…Therion are a good band to introduce you to.

Formed in 1987 in Upplands Väsby by Christofer Johnsson, Therion was originally called Blitzkrieg. They have formerly been known under the name Megatherion also.

The band is comprised of Christofer Johnsson (Guitars), Nalle Påhlsson (Bass), Johan Koleberg (Drums), Thomas Vikström (Vocals), Christian Vidal (Guitars) and Lori Lewis (Vocals).

With 13 albums under their belts Therion have changed a lot through their musical career which all began in 1991 with ‘Of Darkness…’. In 1992 there was ‘Beyond Sanctorum’ followed by ‘Symphony Masses –Ho Drakon Ho Megas’ in 1993.

In 1995 ‘Lepaca Kliffoth’ was released closely followed by ‘Theli’ in 1996 and ‘A’arab Zaraq – Lucid Dreaming’ in 1997.

‘Vovin’ was released in 1998 and in 1999 ‘Crowning of Atlantis’ was released.

As we enter the 2000’s Therion don’t let up on their album productions as they release another eight albums in 10 years! ‘Deggial’ began the year 2000 release and ‘Secret of the Runes’ was created in 2001.
Therion took a break until 2004 to create ‘Lemuria and Sirius B’ before taking off another three years to create ‘Gothic Kabbalah’ in 2007.

The latest album to be released by this epic band was ‘Sitra Ahra’ in 2010 and is the best album yet in my opinion.
Therion is due to begin a world tour in May beginning in Uruguay and have listings on their website until October 2012. There have been no confirmed visits to the UK as of yet.

Their best Album: Sitra Ahra (2010)
Best tracks: Sitra Ahra

For more information visit the bands website.

Written by Darkened Crucifix.

Serenity Band Profile

Category : Band Profiles

According to their website, Austrian band Serenity are hard at work on their upcoming album and they have even said that a couple of tracks are near completion!

Serenity are a band that first formed in 2004 in the Tirol in Austria.

They have had three album releases in their history which all began with ‘Words untold and dreams unlived’ in 2007 closely followed by ‘Fallen Sanctuary’ in 2008.

Their latest release ‘Death & Legacy’ released merely last year (2011) is a tribute to their journey so far. Having only had three albums Serenity have become a well-known band for having spectacular songs performed by skilled musicians and flawless vocals.

The band is comprised of Georg Neuhauser (Lead Vocals since 2004), Thomas Buchberger (lead/rhythm guitar since 2004), Mario Hizinger (Keyboard and backing vocals since 2001), Andreas Schipflinger (drums and backing vocals since 2001) and Fabio D’Amore (bass guitar since 2010).

Serenity are currently mid-tour and are playing in the UK later this month. The band will be appearing in Cardiff on March 24th and in London on March 25th, so if you’ve never heard these guys before head down to either location and check them out, you will not be disappointed!

Their best Album: Death & Legacy (2010)
Best tracks: The Chevalier and Serenade of Flames

For more information visit the bands website.

Written by Darkened Crucifix.

Epica Band Profile

Category : Band Profiles

For a popular band, Epica sure know how to keep the interest of their audience.

Their upcoming album ‘Requiem of the Indifferent’ is due out March 9th 2011 and to keep the fans on their toes the band have released part of ‘Monopoly on truth’ as a teaser. Why is this any different to any other band release? Because the band are releasing the track layer by layer starting with just the drums, they will slowly release each instrument one at a time so that you really understand the musical complexity that is behind the track.

For such an innovative creation as their latest album, the idea to release it in sections is fantastic and fans are encouraged by the idea and have created their own track accompaniments to try and guess what the overall sound will be.

Epica are a Symphonic Metal band from Holland. The group was founded in 2002 have released six albums prior to their latest creation and are known for their front woman’s beautiful vocals.

The current line-up for this band is fronted by Simone Simons (Lead Vocals), Mark Jansen (Guitars, Grunts and Screams), Isaac and Delahave (Guitars), Coen Janssen (Synths and Piano), Yves Huts (Bass) and last but not least Arien Van Weesenbeek (Drums).

Epica have had one hell of a history, with six prior albums, they have years of experience at providing good complex metal music that would please any metal fan.

Their first published album, ‘The Phantom Agony’ was released in June 2003 and began the career of dedicated musicians and composers with Simone being only 16 years old. In April 2005 the second awaited album was released, ‘Consign to the Oblivion’ followed shortly in September 2005 by ‘The Score’. Epica released their fourth album in 20097 and was called ‘The Divine Conspiracy.’ The most recent two albums were both released in 2009, one was live ‘The Classical Conspiracy’ and ‘Design your universe.’

Their best Album: Design your Universe (2009)
Best tracks: Tides of time

For more information visit the Epica website.

Written by Darkened Crucifix.

Nemesea Band Profile

Category : Band Profiles

What do you get when you mix a standard symphonic metal band and throw in some occasional electro sounds? Nemesea. A band that through their history has been compared to After Forever and (on their latest album) Evanescence meets Within Temptation.

Formed in 2002 this Dutch vocalist led band has had a massive sound overhaul since the first two albums ‘Mana’ released in 2004 and ‘In Control’ released in 2007. The recent album ‘The Quiet resistance’ is said to be a mix of the first two albums. It will combine the heavy riffs with influences of pop and electronic sounds.

The current line-up for this band consists of Manda Ophuis (vocals), Hendrik Jan de Jong (guitar), Sonny Onderwater (bass), Frank Van der star (drums) and Lasse Dellbrugge (Keys).

Nemesea have been described in the past to have similar musical sounds to disbanded metal band After Forever staring Floor Jansen, now of ReVamp. However following the recent release in 2011 their music has been likened to Evanescence and Within Temptation.

Vocalist Manda has said previously that her lyrics go past the typical fairytale Gothic rock style; “Lyrics are very important. They can be comforting, but they can also shake things up. My lyrics are pieces of my life, personal experiences that I weave into little stories.

“ One of the central themes on this album is being in control, or losing it. “If you want to change things in your life, you just have to go for it.”

Best track: Afterlife
Best Album: ‘The Quiet Resistance (2011)
For more information visit their band website.

Written by Darkened Crucifix.

Van Canto Band Profile

Category : Band Profiles

What do you get if a group of friends want to start a metal band but can’t play instruments? A Capella Metal. A totally new genre that makes you want to put down your guitar and make some noise!

Van Canto are an A Capella Metal band from Germany. The group was founded in 2006 and is comprised of a drummer and five singers who specialise in different vocal noises (bear with me here) including Rakkatakka vocals, dandan vocals and wahwah guitar vocals. Yes I am serious, these things do exist and is something you will not hear from any other metal band in the known universe.

The current line-up for this instrument lacking band consists of Dennis Schunke (Lead Vocals), Inga Scharf (Higher lead vocals), Stefan Schmidt (Lower Rakkatakka vocals and wahwah solo guitar vocals), Ross Thompson (Higher Rakkatakka vocals), Ingo Sterzinger (Lowest dandan vocals) and Bastian Emig (Drums).

Following their recent album release ‘Break the Silence’ Van Canto have now released four albums, all of which are unique to the last note. The first album ‘A Storm to Come’ was released in 2006 by General Schallplatten and includes a cover of Metallica’s song ‘Battery’.

In December 2007 Van Canto got signed up to record label Gun Records/Sony BMG, they signed shortly after replacing their previous drummer Dennis Strillinger. Shortly after this they announced they had started on their second album ‘Hero’ which was produced by Charlie Bauerfiend.

‘Tribe of Force’ their third album, produced by Strillinger and Napalm records was recorded in Twilight Hall Studios. Two of these are again covers of Metallica tracks; ‘Master of Puppets’ and ‘Rebellion’.
Van Canto have featured on Ex Nightwish front woman Tarja Turunen’s album ‘What lies beneath’ (‘Amteroom of death’)

Their best Album: Tribe of Force (2010)
Best tracks: Primo Victoria and Lost Forever.

For more information visit the bands website.

Written by Darkened Crucifix.